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Southern Gospel News Podcast

Jun 7, 2024

The conversation covers the SGMA Hall of Fame ceremony, the production quality, the selection process, and the significance of inductees. It also delves into the experience of attending gospel music events, the impact of live performances, and the evolution of gospel quartets. The conversation delves into the evolution of gospel music, the impact of the 80s on the genre, the role of women in leadership positions, and the challenges faced by female artists. It also explores the intersection of gospel music with business and personal identity. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including the challenges of appearance and dress codes in gospel music, the unfair criticism faced by female artists, the impact of social media, the role of gospel music in bridging denominational and cultural divides, and the complexities of the Hall of Fame selection process.





00:00 SGMA Hall of Fame Ceremony and Production Quality
07:04 The Experience of Attending Gospel Music Events
26:43 The Impact of the 80s on Gospel Music
42:17 Women in Leadership Positions in Gospel Music
46:21 Challenges Faced by Female Artists
47:45 The Intersection of Gospel Music with Business and Personal Identity
47:47 Navigating Appearance and Dress Codes in Gospel Music
48:55 Unfair Criticism Faced by Female Artists
50:11 The Impact of Social Media on Gospel Music
57:47 Bridging Denominational and Cultural Divides Through Gospel Music
01:04:39 Complexities of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame Selection Process