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Southern Gospel News Podcast

Jun 14, 2024

The Southern Gospel News podcast welcomes Tim Green of The Greens as a guest. The conversation begins with some lighthearted banter between the hosts and guests. They discuss their experiences in the music industry and reminisce about their early memories of The Greens. They highlight the exceptional vocal talent of Kim Green and the impact of their music. Tim Green shares his journey as a songwriter and the success of their hit song 'Miracle in Me'. The conversation also touches on the reaction of other quartets and personnel to The Greens' unique sound. The conversation in this part revolves around the impact of different musicians and singers in the gospel music industry. It starts with a discussion about the early days of the Martins and the talent they brought to the stage. The conversation then shifts to the scarcity of talented musicians in the present day compared to the past. Tim Greene shares his personal testimony of overcoming a serious illness and finding healing through faith. The conversation also touches on the importance of storytelling in gospel music and the role of female singers in the industry. Finally, the conversation explores the transition of Kim Greene to another group and the discussions that took place about her husband joining the Greens. The conversation concludes with Tim Greene sharing stories about Tony Green and the impact he had on the group. They discuss how Kim Hopper's addition to the group elevated their success and how Tony would still be singing and promoting gospel music if he were alive today. They reminisce about funny moments with Tony, including his infamous record pitches and his driving skills. The conversation ends with Tim sharing his favorite Green song, 'There's a Miracle in Me.'





00:00 Introduction and Lighthearted Banter
03:02 The Impact of The Greens' Exceptional Vocal Talent
09:31 The Success of 'Miracle in Me'
12:30 Tim Green: A Talented Songwriter and Pastor
14:58 Excitement Over the Emergence of New Talent in the Industry
19:04 Tim Greene's Testimony of Healing and Faith
23:08 The Power of Storytelling in Gospel Music
25:26 The Role of Female Singers in the Industry
32:56 The Transition of Kim Greene and Discussions about Her Husband Joining the Greens
37:44 The Impact of Kim Hopper on the Group
39:03 Tony Green's Continued Presence in Gospel Music
41:29 Funny Moments and Stories with Tony Green
44:23 The Enduring Legacy of the Greens' Music
52:51 Favorite Green Song: 'There's a Miracle in Me'