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Southern Gospel News Podcast

May 24, 2024

In this conversation, Daniel Britt, Darren Sutherland, and Arthur Rice discuss various topics before introducing their special guest, Jeanette Cook of the Cook family. They talk about Arthur's recent podcast appearance, the nostalgia of radio, and meeting radio personalities in person. Jeanette shares stories about her early music career, recording her first album, and the challenges and blessings of being on the road for over 60 years. They also discuss the changes in the music industry and the importance of gospel music for future generations. In this conversation, Jeanette Cooke, a member of the Singing Cookes, discusses her experiences in gospel music and her faith. She talks about the influence of her upbringing and her husband's love for bluegrass music. She also expresses her belief that Jesus will come soon and the importance of having fun and enjoying life as Christians. The conversation touches on topics such as favorite songs, worries about going full-time in music, and the significance of humor in gospel music. The hosts also discuss the power of songs and the importance of being open to learning and different opinions.



00:00 Introduction and Show Discussion
00:42 Nostalgia of Radio and Meeting Radio Personalities
03:38 Memories of Radio Personalities
05:13 Introduction of Jeanette Cook
08:29 Jeanette Cook's Early Music Career and First Album
09:12 Jeanette Cook's 62 Years on the Road
13:24 Discussion of 'Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down'
15:12 Duets with Charles Johnson and the Revivers
20:25 Changes in the Music Industry and the Importance of Gospel Music
20:40 The Influence of Upbringing and Bluegrass Music
21:10 The Imminent Return of Jesus and Enjoying Life as Christians
22:26 The Singing Cookes' Nationwide Hit: 'He Rose Me Over the Tide'
23:59 Overcoming Worries and Trusting in God's Provision
29:13 The Role of Humor in Gospel Music
31:45 The Power of Songs and Open-Mindedness